Tech pack is a document created by fashion designers. A good tech pack designer make sure that all the information of any garment or product are well provided with detailed sketches,

It also consists of flat sketch front and back, construction details, color combos details, fabric details, thread details, reverse stitching details, Size chart or specification sheet, branding details, point of measurements, Bill of materials (BOM), wash care label details, graphic details if any, hang tag details.

Some tech pack also have size grading from size XXS to size XXXL depends on what size grading the client ask for

Some tech pack also includes packaging information which is a good way to communicate with manufacturer how their final product is going to look at the packaged stage.

hood tech pack


denim tech pack

A professional tech pack designer also created detailed rendering of the product if they need to show a washing information in their product.


Here is a example of a detailed rendered flat sketch of a Men's wear denim jeans done for a tech pack.

This type of sketches also represent where exactly in a garment we need to have rugged effect and what kind of wash finishing is going to be use in the garment.

Our tech pack design team are highly skilled in creating these type of rendered flat sketch for a professional tech pack project.

Our tech pack design team works on adobe illustrator to create vector graphic and rendering which is scalable and can be used by our client for future re edit and use.


Trims plays a important role in a professional Tech pack. A details trims illustration or sketch and make any manufacturer understand the physical quality thickness and user end of any garment.

In all our tech pack we use detailed illustration for each and every trims such us buttons, zipper, belts, eyelet, keyhole, snap buttons, embroidery stitch hole, fasteners etc.

trims techpack


3D trouser techpack

We are the first in Industry to deliver 3D tech pack to our clients. We design tech pack in CLO3D software and adobe illustrator.

The 3D illustration done in CLO3D are so perfect that we can actually drape and check the fall of the garment based on what kind of fabric is used for that particular garment.

garment with allover prints, checks stripes and placement graphic prints are so well draped in 3d Illustration that you can virtually view all the angles and tunable view.

Highly detailed construction details and sketch in a tech pack provide complete information about any garment.

We focus on end use of a Tech pack not just to complete buyer requirement, we also suggest if something is  wrong in the design or style so that our buyer can have a second thought on their design feasibility. 

Before delivering a tech pack to our client we also crosscheck with our inhouse patter maker and sample co-ordinator if the design is production feasibility.

A professional tech pack is the key for successful sampling and production without any mistakes and saves time and money.